Send Us Files Portal User Guide

On May 13th, 2019 Precision Images launched a new “Send Us Files” portal. The new portal is still easy to use, but will offer users beneficial new options and abilities.

Enjoy this handy user guide, it should answer any questions you have. Of course, you can always contact us if you get stuck or have a question at 503-274-2030.

  1.  Getting Started For Existing Users
  2.  Getting Started For New Users
  3.  Setting Up A New Profile
  4. Creating A New Order
  5. Changing An Order
  6.  Creating Pick-up and Delivery Options

1. Getting Started For Existing Users– 

The First Time You Use The New Portal:

  1. Navigate to the new “Send Us Files” website located at:

Or, simply click the “Send Us Files” icon on our homepage.

  1. Click the “Forgot Your Password” button, and follow instructions to reset password. (There are requirements for length and special characters, as is the norm these days.)
  2. Once you are into the new portal, please make sure your information has been transferred accurately** We have migrated your email and Company address information from our old system, so you only need to “Reset” your password. If you have separate addresses for job sites or other locations you will need to add those in your new Address Book as needed, sorry but we did not migrate any old address book entries.
  3. Please specifically check your Profile/Default Deliver To Address which will be used, unless otherwise specified.  You will be set to “Use Company Address = Yes, if your billing and shipping address are the same.  You will be set to No, if your shipping address is different from your billing (Like PO Box).  Please let us know if you are set to =Yes and the address information is incorrect.  Feel free to set =No and put in your preferred default deliver to address.  You can create other alternate addresses in the My Address Book area as needed.



This is the login page of the new portal, it’s so pretty!


2. Getting Started For New Users–

  1. Navigate to the new “Send Us Files” website located at:  Or, simply click the “Send Us Files” icon on our homepage.
  2. Click on “Register”.
  3. Fill in the email, user name, and password of your choice.
  4. When you click on the blue “Register” button, you will be take to your account dashboard.
  5.  Next step is to create your “Profile” and/or submit a “New Order”.


Here’s the account sign up screen. It’s pretty straightforward.


This is the Dashboard window.

3. Setting Up A New Profile–

  1. Once you are logged in the dashboard will appear, in the upper right corner, click on “Profile”.
  2. Fill in the fields and “Deliver To Address”.
  3. Click the blue “Submit” button.
  4. Note*: If you have deliveries that go to more than one location, you can add more addresses by clicking on “My Address Book”.

This is the Profile screen.


4. Placing An Order

In the Dashboard, click the “New Order” button.


Set up delivery, will call, rush orders, and shipping:

Shipping, delivery, rush, and will call information. information

Shipping options drop down menu.

Next, you’ll need to select a “Due Date and Time”:

Due Date options.

The Project Name and Project Number fields are optional, mostly for your future reference or for clarity during delivery.

Are we scanning hard copy files or do you need to send Order related items to us? If so, please change “Pick Up Originals” to “YES”. If Yes, please also define the “Originals To” selection as required.

Next, set the intended invoice recipient and click “Continue to the Next Step of Order”:

Uploading Documents:

You will now be on the Documents section on the Order form.

Just a reminder, you can scroll up and down on the order form as needed to edit any information at any point.

The Documents section has been broadly enhanced for those more complex orders but is still quick and easy for attaching a few files, we hope you like it. If you are order does not include attached files, please use this same process and define the sections of your hard copy as required.

  • This is the new Attach File Create Document list form below.
  • Here you’ll add Group Description, Number of Copies , Process, and Other Details as you require.
  • You can select the + sign to add your files using File Explorer, or drag and drop your files from another window onto the white space next to the big +.

Once you have the files selected, click “Open”, which puts those files in the upload queue.

You are now ready for “Upload” (First), then finally “Submit” (Second):

After the files have been Uploaded, please notice you can Add or Remove from this uploaded queue below as needed before clicking “Submit”.

5. Changing An Order

Selecting the Orders link at the top of the form yields two sub selections; including “My Orders” and “In-Production Orders”. Any Order you create will stay in your My Orders area until Precision Images has formally put the Order into production. You can make any changes to your Order up until the time production starts. After production starts you still can convey changes via. the same Order using the Revised Files section and the Revision Instructions notes section. We will discuss revisions after going through the initial order process.


6. Adding Addresses For Pick-up and Delivery

Selecting the “My Address Book” link allows you to create alternate address locations and contacts that you may need for your Orders. To create a New Address, just select the New Address button and fill out the form as required, then click Submit. You can easily edit any existing entry by selecting the pulldown arrow to the right of the entry.

*Be sure to include contact and phone to aid our delivery drivers in a quick delivery.

New "Send Us Files" Portal is live! 

Update your bookmark to :

User Guide:

Please Note: When the new portal launches, users will need to click "Forgot Your Password" on the new portal to gain access.

We have transferred all customer info, please double check your "Default Deliver To Address" in your Profile!   Alternate delivery addresses can be created in your new Address Book.